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Excellent quality and variety of LED strip which in most cases achieve a CRI 90+. The estimated life of the LED strip is 50,000 hours.  The IP65 rated LED strip can be used for a variety of projects and there are cutting points indicated on the strip so it can be cut to size.
The LED strip comes in a variety of colour options, white which consist of warm white or cool white colour temperatures, RGB (Red, Green, Blue)  RGBW (Red, Green, Blue and White), tunable (from cool white to warm white) and Flex linear LED strip (this one does not need profile and can bend).  5m lengths as standard except for the Flex linear LED strip which comes in 8m length as standard. 

There are a variety of profiles with various thicknesses.  All come is 1m or 2m lengths as standard. 
The profile will have a choice of diffusers to prevent glare from the LED chips. They can range from clear, opal and frosted. 

They use 24v constant voltage standard and dimmable power supplies and come with a 5 year warranty.   When calculating the wattage required. Work out the wattage per metre of LED strip and then add 10%.  For example 5m of LED strip x 4.8w/m = 24 + 10% = 26.4w.. This means you will need an LED driver that can supply around 30w at least.

To control the LED strip and the lighting effects you get with the LED you can use Controllers,Receivers and Decoders. There are many to choose from including wireless remotes, smart glass touch panels, fully programmable DMX and DALI decoders.

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