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Coloured Dichroic Glass Lens (50mm) - YELLOW Coloured Filter for GU10 / MR16 Spotlights

Coloured lenses can really enhance the appearance of plants, trees and garden ornaments. Dichroic glass filters operate on a passive-reflective basis, reflecting unused wavelengths while passing wanted portions of the spectrum. They are high in transmission which results in brighter, cleaner, saturated colours, compared to that of a standard plastic lens with colour films which often fade. Their low cost and easy replacement makes experimentation with different colours an interesting prospect at an affordable price. Simply place between the 50mm MR16 / GU10 lamp and exterior glass lens of the fitting, secure with a spring clip and you have a coloured lamp. Change the coloured lens periodically to create eye catching and unique effects; a colour for every season.

  • Materials:                             Glass
  • Lens Type:                            Dichroic
  • Colour:                                  Yellow
  • Diameter:                              50mm
  • Thickness:                              1mm
  • Suitable for use with:         Most MR16 / GU10 Spotlights and Downlights
  • Comes with:                          Spring Clip

Item Specifications

Options: spring clip not included, spring clip included