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LED deck lights, low voltage deck lights and mains deck lights can all be found in this section.

The majority of deck lights in this section use LED lamps and are therefore safe to the touch and very low energy consumption which make them ECO friendly.
Be aware if you install a mains Halogen GU10 lamp or 12v Low Voltage Halogen lamp that they can get very hot and not ideal if children or pets are liable to touch them. There are deck light kits which are  very simple plug and play and easy to install. Deck lights add a bit of sparkle to your outdoor entertainment area and can be placed in circles and also down steps etc. There is a wide range of finishes available in our recessed outdoor patio lights from copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminium and powder coated finish. If you are using the deck light as a marker light you will not need anything more powerful than a 1w LED, however if you wish to fix them in the decking to up light an area then a 3w - 5w LED would be better. There are a number of lamp options available and some fittings have an LED lamp built into the fitting to make the installation simple. However bear in mind that if the lamp fails you will need to replace the whole fitting so it is better to choose a deck light where you can change the lamp. Low voltage is also safer to use outdoors rather than mains 240V but your electrician will advise you on this.
A 100% waterproof installation is important and you should use a qualified NIC EIC approved electrical contractor who has experience of exterior lighting installations. We have a number of waterproof joint kits and transformers on our web site to choose from.  

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