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Frosted Glass Lens (50mm) Translucent Filters for GU10 / MR16 Spotlights

These effective 1mm thick frosted glass lenses can be used with most 60mm Spotlights. A standard beam of light from an MR16 or GU10 spotlight illuminates in a round, 'focused' shape to a beam angle such as 36º or 50º (dependant on the light bulb). The frosted lens beautifully diffuses the light across a wider angle, evenly and without any glare. In this way, the light takes on more of a 'wall wash' effect than a spotlight beam. Lenses and filters such as these are a fantastic, inexpensive way to experiment with different lighting effects and can really enhance the appearance of walls, plants, trees and garden ornaments. 

Simply place between the 50mm MR16 / GU10 lamp and exterior glass lens of the fitting and secure with a spring clip for an instant soft filter of light. As it is removable, you can change to a coloured lens periodically to create other eye catching and unique effects.

  • Materials:                                Glass
  • Lens Type:                              Frosted
  • Colour:                                    Transluscent
  • Diameter:                                50mm
  • Thickness:                              1mm
  • Suitable for use with:             Most MR16 / GU10 Spotlights and Downlights *with the exception of the 'Nautilus' Underwater Light
  • Optional:                                Spring Clip

Item Specifications

Materials: frosted glass
Depth: 1mm
diameter: 50mm
additional information: compatible for MR16 / GU10 Spotlights and Downlights
Options: spring clip not included, spring clip included