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This simple and easy Heat Shrink Cable Joint Kit is perfect for joining two cables together without the need for a full junction box. The crimp butt connectors simply slot over each of the inner cables of a standard two core cable, where they are crimped into place. After loosely inserting the second 2 core cable through the heatshrink sleeve, the inner cables should then be attached to the crimp butt connectors in the same way as before to create a neat joint / extension. Using a heat gun, shrink the connectors to secure the edges and to fuse to the inner cables creating a watertight seal. The heatshrink sleeve can then be moved to cover the entire joint which, when heated, then shrinks around the outer cable ensuring the entire joint is fully secure and wateproof, protected against water and moisture.

KIT INCLUDES: Crimp Butt Connectors (x2) & Heatshrink Sleeving (10cm)

Heatshrink Sleeving:

  • Materials: Polyolefin (PO)
  • Colour: Black
  • Shrink Ratio: 4:1
  • Length: 100mm (approx.)
  • Diameter: 12mm (approx.)
  • Operating temperature: -55ºC (min) 125ºC (max)
  • Shrink temperature: 70 - 110ºC

Crimp Butt Connectors (16A):

  • Connector Type: Butt Splice
  • Insulator Material: PVC
  • Inner Contact Material: Brass
  • Colour: Blue
  • Outer Diameter: 4mm (approx.)
  • Outer Diameter: 2.3mm (approx.)
  • Termination: Crimp & Heat
  • Temperature Rating: 105ºC